Like Diamonds in the Sky

aura flame quartz crystal by Akuokuo Vallis

At the crystal shop–the cashier girl was talking to a customer about drones and holograms and chem trails.  There was a man–waiting in line–with a huge tattoo–a green ankh– on the inside of his left forearm.  He was looking for books on Hermetic philosophy. I found a crystal to buy.  And then– the cashier girl started talking to me about micro drones and mega drones and how the Greys screwed us all over. She dangled something  in the air– for protection–it looked like tin foil.

At home–I put the crystal in the dirt and my older sister said a prayer over it.  She knew someone who had a crystal like that but was unsure of the metaphysical properties.

I put the crystal under my pillow anyway.

Then my grandmother—my father’s mother—was standing there– in the snow– in a Cherokee tear dress.  Her hair was out and long.  I like that dress better than the one you’re wearing  on the mantel.  She smiled.  Then the sky filled with stars and I was spinning–spinning–spinning–like when I was on that merry go round–a long time ago.  I still have the scar on my knee.  Still.

Next–my auntFaceTiming from somewhere beyond the beyond the beyond said, Tell your mother not to follow me.

And then there were 3 white horses–one on a skateboard– one drinking water–and one with a neon blue chord coming out of the top of its head– going so far up– I lost track.

I was still wearing the medicine bag–the one with the feathers on it—around my neck— under my t-shirt–just because– I like it that way.  I put the rocks in it– like she told me– and sprinkled the blue cornmeal down as a thank you.

Then I woke up thinking about chocolate chip cookie dough.

I put the crystal back on the dresser.


*special thank you to for crystal insight and wisdom