Sun Salutations

anotehr mask by Akuokuo Vallis


Used to get boxes of lemons— from Uncle Billy — my father’s older brother— in Arizona.

He had lemon trees — lots of them.

Uncle Billy had lots of ideas too.  Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.  He was a talker.

He called weekly to tell us What’s What.

NO, you DO NOT need to know HOW  I  know.  All you need to know is your whole house is bugged. Outside too.  Street lights and gas meters!  HELLO. Once THAT rain starts falling, forget it.  And DO NOT be fooled by horse milk. Get camel milk.  Gotta get a good freezer, though.  One that  runs on H2O.  Next time, remind me to talk about Mars. And chickens! These plastic chickens.  Man boobs ain’t just from soy.  I can promise you that!