And There Was Light

Happy Birthday 7-8-17 2

Completely forgot to make a wish —  last week — so wrapped up in names and cakes from  the past.

There were two cakes for our birthday — back then — when we were Baby A and Baby B. Our mother’s cake was like a fairy tale —  strawberries and cream — soft and sweet. Our father’s cake was a lullaby — with pretty pink roses piped all along the edges.

Crying, crawling, stumbling, falling — making a mess out of  dinner — I remember when we ate in the kitchen sink.

Wore Baby A and Baby B bracelets  —  forever, it seems — only because our mom did not like those names — Akwelle and Akuokuo — names meaning first and second born female twins — names our dad chose — thanks to Charles — their Ghanaian friend.

Would have been Romulus and Remus — the founders of Romehad we been boys  — names our father loved — names our mother — did not.