In a Galaxy Far Far Away

webinar info by Akuokuo Vallis

Our online chocolate class ended early–then my twin sister, Akwelle, shouted  from downstairs, Ha-Ha!  That was so funny.  You totally shut down the whole class!   Didn’t you get my text?

I looked at my phone.  No text.

We  were supposed to be learning about the health benefits of chocolate–the real chocolate–the food of the gods chocolate–instead–unbeknownst to me– I became the main attraction- talking non-stop about another webinar attendee named SumoXL123deParis.

Akwelle started it though.  I like his hair–but–his shirt is way too small and he has fatty-fat hands.

Embarrassing.  But at least she knew when to turn off her mic.

His name ain’t Sumo for nothing, I said.  And look at those cute, chubby-chub cheeks!  I probably shouldn’t have drawn that picture, though.   And that rap song I made up–Alone in a Food Truck–went way too far.

That’s when the class ended.  Abruptly.

The next day– my twin sister’s text– finally– came in.

Dummy!  Mute your mic!

I should get  a new phone.