Cheers, Dear Haiku-Kefir!

Not sure which makes me happier— Haiku or Kefir.  They both provide nourishment, a cleansing even.

With Haiku– there’s this lovely contrast between the short, simple form and the thoughtfulness behind the words.  I like the stillness I feel when reading Haikus.  I drift into a daydreamy, contemplative state of mind.  It’s nice just being present, watching—without saying anything—just an observer.

creamy pebbled grains
turn milk into


Kefir is definitely not a drink to guzzle down. The sheer thickness of it initiates a luxurious focus. Sitting–quietly enjoying a glass of kefir– I can’t help but drift into a happy, self reflective place. Home made kefir is even better!   No rush, no worries.  Just being– wherever I am–now.

the new year is here
we all need help digesting
go make some kefir!