Rock School


Some dogs, like my girl Kookaburra, require multiple daily walks– or else– they’ll dig their way to Timbuktu.


On today’s afternoon walk– we saw something unusual.  There was an older lady standing by a tree stump.  Her clothing made me think she was from  Machu Picchu or thereabouts. Even though Kookaburra and I were at a distance– I was awestruck by the lady’s beautiful, shiny, white hair and super bright eyes.


The lady did not seem to notice me or Kookaburra. She was slowly placing rocks on top of the tree stump.  At one point–the lady closed her eyes and placed her hands over the rocks– gliding them back and forth. She was breathing very slowly and it sounded like she was whispering or chanting something.


Next, the lady started breathing very quickly–like breath of fire breathing.  It was definitely deliberate–this concentrated initial slow breathing followed by super fast breathing.  I could tell she was using her breath like an  engine– revving her up or slowing her down depending on what she intended to do. She was deeply entranced  by the time Kookaburra and I  got close to her.  Thankfully, she did not notice us.  I did not want to disturb her.


I walked by the lady as quietly and as quickly as I could. But Kookaburra could not help but  stop and stare.  I don’t know if she was scared or mesmerized or a little of both.  But she was going nowhere. I had to pull and tug and pull and tug to get her to move along. Surprisingly, all the dragging noise did not disturb the lady.  Or so I thought.


Suddenly the lady opened her very bright eyes and stopped and stared at us–and then she smiled.


The lady read my mind.  She knew I was awestruck by her eyes and hair.  She said, Bone Broth. Google Bone Broth.  That’s all you need for bright eyes and shiny hair.


Ok. Thanks. Bye, I said.  Then I ran home.


And  I googled bone broth.  There’s even a vegetarian version!